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Elaine Alster November 2007

I travelled to Bhutan last November on a trip organized by Linda Fessette, and she askd me to email you to tell you about the experience.  It was wonderful!  The trip was put together based on my requests for a trek, cultural touring, and festival attendance.  She put together an itinerary that included all the elements I requested plus some additions that I would not known about had she not included them.  The staff were very friendly, knowledgable, accommodating, and good company.  The equipment for the trek, the vehicles for touring, the hotels and food were all good. 

I will definitely travel with this agency again if (or maybe I should say when) I return to Bhutan, and I recommend them without reservation. 

Elaine Alster

Hi Linda

Just returned back to New York and have been raving to people over my Bhutan adventure. All was excellent. Tashi was a wonderful guide and we all found him kind, thoughtful, organized and fair.

I took over 500 pictures of the trip and am looking forward to downloading them into my computer to share with the others in the group and friends back home.

The experience in general was great and to come up with a highlight is near impossible.The blessing by an 8 year old lama? Or the 11 month old lama?

The exhilaration of making it to the pass at 7,000 meters? Or the amazing sight of thousands of prayer flags sending peace into the air? The faces of the children as I showed them their images on my digital camera? Or of the ancient monk who had the same wonderment of seeing himself on the tiny screen? Eating rice oozing with butter in my bare hands as the oils dripped down my elbow in the temple in the Ura Valley or trying to swallow the butter tea at the same celebration? The homemade beer or the home made ara?

The mountains, valleys, waterfalls all natural beauty? Or the thousands of man made Buddha images and beautiful paintings in the monasteries and temples? Head shaving day at the monastery?

Too many images to choose from. I am very happy with the trip -and all that were involved were kind and generous.I am glad I chose (my tour) thru you, Linda. I Would like to go again .

Craig Horsley

Dear Linda:

I want to thank you...for the wonderful and exciting adventure into Bhutan.

Bhutan was more beautiful than I imagined, the people more hospitable and so very happy and warm. What an incredible country.

(My) host Soenam and you Linda, attended to each and every detail and no desire was left unfulfilled.. Bhutan is forever with me.

I would be glad to recommend ... Linda Fessette to anyone who might ask.

Again thank you for the lifelong memories of peace and beauty.

Vickie Assunto,
March 2002 Tour into Bhutan.

Dear Linda:

Thank you. The trip to Bhutan in November 2002 was a great adventure and memory for life! You ... did really everything for the group - we had a wonderful time together.

I found that Bhutan is a very beautiful country with a most interesting culture, Buddhist and hospitable people throughout a country still rich with its cultures. Wonderful memories forever. Thank you.

Hans Falklind

Dear Linda:

Thank you Linda and Soenam ..., for the incredible hospitality, wonderful guides and friendship you give me each time I visit your wonderful country. As you know Linda I have been to Bhutan three times now with (Soenam) and yourself, and each time is treasured and unforgettable..

I believe I will continue to return to Bhutan time again.. Friends say why? I say, in Bhutan I am happy.. It is that simple, and I thank you all..

Robert Williams


Hello Linda and all;

I thought I would share with you a few of my thoughts and photos of our recent trip to Bhutan. I had a wonderful trip through Bhutan and very much enjoyed the people, landscape, cultural ideals and the entire experience. Bhutan is a beautiful country. Tenzin was an experienced and patient tour guide and we had a great time with him at the lead. The people In Bhutan
were generous and thoughtful, including Sonam and her husband who invited us into their home for a meal and spirited discussion. Linda, thank you for your organization of a great tour through Bhutan. I think the one thing we all wished was different, was to have a few straight roads from time to time,
especially on the long days of driving. But the winding roads are not something anyone can change in Bhutan! Again, thank you.
Take care Linda - and I hear you are going to Bhutan in 2009. Enjoy!


Were back and had a wonderful trip. All went smoothly. Lakie our guide and driver were great. They help make our trip. I would highly recommend both of them to other travelers. You can use us for any recommendations. The poles were a must for us but we made it to Tiger's Nest. Took oxygen liquid and had no altitude problem. Never got sick on the trip. Saw another festival. No complaints except would of liked to of spent more time in Bhutan.

Linda, thank you for all your support and help. Traveler Mel

Hi Linda.

I just wanted to let you know that our trip was fantastic!
Christelle and I had a wonderful time in Bhutan (she is still there for another 10 days).Our guide was friendly and Sonam was simply lovely, taking care of us as if she had known us for years .It was quite exciting to be there during the Paro festival and for the election, so I don't think we could've timed it any better. Thanks for all your help!