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Want more information? Here's what to do: Email Linda (lfessette@yahoo.com) with inquiries.

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Druk Airplane Druk Airplane


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Linda arrives at Paro Airport!

Linda arrives at Paro Airport!

Linda arrives at Paro Airport!

Linda with Festival Dancer 2011

Druk Air ticket: secured only by payment.

It is recommended you purchase insurance for this tour as there is no insurance from Exotic Bhutan and/or Linda Fessette. Overnight lodging and round trip to Bangkok can be arranged by Linda Fessette, Travel Agent.

Terms and Conditions, address for payment and FIRM payment schedule will be emailed to you.

BHUTAN TOUR IS ALL INCLUSIVE…some drinks will be extra.


Note: Bhutan imposes a daily surcharge tarrif for groups under three (3) $40.00/day solo traveler - $30.00/day p/p two traveler $20.00/day single supplement. Trek, Specialty, Custom Rate Available on Request Bhutanese Certified PhotograpyTour Guide rate available. BHUTAN TOURS are ALL- INCLUSIVE.

*Prices may be subject to change without notice.